Services Provided


Tiger Tools is well known for our unmatched customer service.  No other company in our field will go to the lengths that we do to get your equipment operating and you out of a bind, and that is a guarantee.  Our experienced staff is ready to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Having equipment problems at 3am, no problem.  Have a question at 3am, no problem.  We are here when you need us to be.



Tiger Tools offers an expansive array of services to our clients.  Our experts can repair and certify your equipment to above industry standards.  We sell new as well as service pressure gauges, chart recorders, relief valves, coiled tubing counters, tong torque systems, weight indicators, wireline systems, all types of loadcells, dillon gauges, haskel pumps, impact wrenches etc.  Our quality, accuracy, and turnaround time is unmatched.  You can rest assured that you will receive your new equipment or rebuilt equipment in the best operating conditions.




We are extremely proud of our ability to quickly and effectively service your equipment in the field.  We understand that downtime is an issue for our customers and we take getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible seriously.  Our knowledgeable field technicians are more than capable of servicing and certifying your instrumentation at your facility.  This saves you valuable time and money.  We can certify to 30,000PSI in the field, in the unit, allowing you to keep your equipment installed and becoming quickly operational.





Tiger Tools is proud to offer our newest service.  We now offer foam-in-place services for businesses and the public.  Perfect for ensuring whatever you ship will arrive in optimal condition.  Give us a call anytime or stop by if you have any questions.