We off several styles and sizes of loadcells.  Expertly machined and assembled, our loadcells will hold up for extended use in the field allowing you to get the job done.  Whether your intended use is a tong torque system to a offshore crane system we have the right fit for you.




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Size – 4.08, 6.44, 6.53 free spin, 6.53 non-spin, 8.0, 16.1



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4.08 Tension Non-Spin, 4.08 Tension Free-Spin, 6.44 Tension, 6.53 Tension Non-Spin, 6.53 Tension Free-Spin, 8.0 Tension, 16.1 Tension, 6.44 Compression, 8.0 Compression, 12.0 Compression, 16.1 Compression, 25.0 Compression, 50.0 Compression