StewartsUSA Pressure Gauges

StewartsUSA pressure gauges are high quality, extremely accurate and cost effective pressure gauges.  Used from the energy industry to the food industry, StewartsUSA offers the gauge you’re looking for.  We sell ONLY StewartsUSA gauges because we have found over years of experience that they are by far the most reliable.  Commonly we sell them to customers for their pumps, coil tubing units, wireline units, etc.


To request a quote please provide the following information:

Size of gauge face.  Example, 2″, 2.5″, 4″, 6″

Pressure range (psi)

Mounting type. Example, panel mount has the flange, c-clamp has the bracket, bottom is straight from bottom, center back, and lower back

Class. All stainless (higher grade) or stainless case with brass internals (lower grade)

Connection. 1/8″nptm, 1/4″nptm, 1/2″nptm, 1/4″hpm, 1/4″hpf, 9/16″mpm, 9/16″mpf, 9/16″hpm, 9/16″hpf

Glycerin filled or Dry

Accuracy Requirement. if applicable.

Note, all gauges above 15,000PSI require a high pressure connection.

If you are unsure about some of the specifics just give us a call.  An experienced sales representative will quickly determine what exactly you are looking for.


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