4:1 Pressure Deboosters

Reduces line pressure by 75% providing a safer work environment

Offered in a 1502 or 2202 hammer union

Maintains accuracy within 2% full scale

Can be used with any pressure gauge calibrated to be used with a 4:1 debooster

API certified manufacturing

Our 4:1 pressure deboosters are absolutely top of the line. Guaranteed to hold up for long periods of time, and extremely simple to repair yourself when necessary. Used in conjunction with a gauge or chart recorder, these deboosters provide a safer work environment for those monitoring the instrument. We sell them complete with all the connections, fully purged. Just plug and go. Offered in a standard 2″ 1502 model as well as a 2202 model for sour gas service. We keep stock on repair kits, hoses, hand priming pumps as well as many other accessories.

***NOTE* What ever instrument is being used with this debooster must be designed to do so. Never connect a straight pressure gauge to a 4:1 debooster.



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4:1 Debooster

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